Sherrie McGraw’s Artwork

Sherrie McGraw works from life using the knowledge of the 17th century Old Masters to illuminate her chiaroscuro still lifes, portraits, figures and interiors. For this modern-day Realist master, the real subject matter of a painting is not the subject itself and the emotions that it elicits from the viewer; but rather, the subject is an excuse for the artist to paint beautiful abstract ideas in the language of painting.
Sherrie McGraw's Paintings
The abstract undercurrent of good Realism is what the artist does with paint, value, color, edges and composition. The simplicity of these choices can create a beauty that captivates the viewer. An irony exists when an artist uses subtlety—its effect can be more powerful than a flashy statement. And though subtlety takes hold more slowly, it wears better over time as its impact increasingly deepens.
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Sherrie McGraw's Drawings
The energy of a drawing is in the line quality. When someone has truly mastered this art, it is most evident in the ability to be brief. With enough time, anyone can get verisimilitude, or the look of reality.
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