Sherrie McGraw is at the forefront of the American art scene.
Included in National museums, galleries and art institutions, her classical chiaroscuro paintings are
selectively featured. Explore Sherrie’s insights through her writing as seen in “The Language of Drawing”
and her thoughtful reflections on Abstract Realism. Experience her knowledge in one of
her many innovative workshops and lectures located from coast to coast.

“The Artists Guild is like having a private mentor right in your studio. “

To Fellow Artists Everywhere,

I have been teaching almost as long as I have been studying. The desire to share painting and drawing insights with others has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve been drawn to in my career. When I taught at the Art Students League in New York people came into my class from all over the world. But when I moved to Taos, I missed the personal contact with a variety of passionate, curious artists and longed to rekindle that connection.

The Artists Guild was created to reestablish that connection. A few years ago David A Leffel, Jacqueline Kamin and I realized that with new technology it was now possible to connect with these interested students and professionals directly from our studios. We created a rich library of instructional videos and tutorials that are available to members of The Artists Guild 24/7 on virtually any electronic device, and more films are being added every month. We are creating online eCourses and now, a new series called A Day in the Studio that takes you directly into our private worlds to see how we work. We want The Artists Guild to be a reference library that mentors serious artists everywhere. We are now able to listen to our members’ requests and create films to address problems uppermost in their minds.

I invite you to take a look at what we have created and see how it can round out your art education. The Artists Guild is an affordable way to connect with the knowledge that can make your own work improve dramatically. If I were a student starting out today, The Artists Guild would be my dream come true—expert knowledge at an affordable price.

I welcome you into The Artists Guild family!
Sherrie McGraw

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